10 Famous People Share Their Favorite Travel Destinations(And Make Us Want to Go There Too)

The luxurious and famous have every chance of ditching everything for a trip to paradise (and usually don’t have to save up for months!)

We’re not the only ones who seek adventure, with our upcoming big spinoff in our minds. The only difference is that the proper luxurious and famous have a chance of ditching everything for a trip to paradise (and usually don’t have to save up for months!). Celebrities choose some of the best spaces around the world to relax.

Okay, most of us may not have enough money to fly first class to Bermuda at any given time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Scrolling through our beloved star Instagram has the potential to be our biggest excuse for booking that vacation we’ve been putting off. Including when they’re not on vacation themselves, celebrities present us with an attraction to global travel, including without realizing it – whether they’re shooting in the space of their proper movie or posing for a glamorous photoshoot, they are present in some striking parts of the world every time. Public figures are among the most traveled people on the planet.

In many ways, celebrities are still considered the best travelers, because they understand all the non-smooth spaces off the beaten path (although, cumulatively, they probably got there by personal helicopter). Curious as to where Leo or Beyoncé like to vacation in the sun? Read on to acknowledge the best stargazing tourist instructions.

Demi Lovato – Kenya

 The artist has seen her fair share of gorgeous nations on her worldwide tours, but more than every other space, Kenya was the one that stole her heart. Demi Lovato celebrated her 21st birthday in East Africa back in 2013 and since then has felt strongly drawn to the unimaginable atmosphere of Kenya.

Jennifer Aniston – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When the star needs to quiet down, there’s one space she prefers to visit again and again – Cabo San Lucas. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Jen Aniston revealed that Cabo is her favorite space to entertain, and she has brought plenty of her own closest pals, including best buddies Courtney Cox and Jason Bateman.

 Chrissy Teigen – Lake Como, Italy

John Legend calls Lake Como her own dimensional home away from home. This super secluded space in northern Italy is known for its impressive looks but at the same time its low-key, low-key atmosphere. Not surprisingly, Chrissy Teigen prefers to bring her own family here time and time again.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Antibes, France

If you ever try to meet Leo DiCaprio by the pool, you can say with certainty that he spends a huge part of his summer and the downtime in the pearl of the French Riviera-Antibes. The “Wolf of Wall Street” actor prefers to vacation at the 5-star resort between Cannes and Nice, which is filled with jazz, great wine, and gorgeous sunsets.

 Markus Wischenbart – Berlin, Germany

Everyone loves Berlin, but celebrities show certain attention to Europe’s coolest city. One of them is Marcus Wischenbart. The star’s favorite restaurant-Bandol (French cuisine)-is where Markus prefers a savory snack. But whenever he is on a business trip, he prefers to eat at Paul Saal’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

Calvin Harris – Ibiza

It’s a leading initiation ritual for all DJs to perform in Ibiza once they make it big, and for Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris, who works in the city of Moscow partying world, he’s still in love with just about everything the least bit familiar of the island’s pleasant moments.

Beyoncé and Jay Z – St. Barts, Caribbean Basin

The exceptionally powerful music couple can’t seem to stick away from St. Barts in the Caribbean and similarly find every excuse to take a vacation there.

Penelope Cruz – Corsica

When Penelope Cruz invites time on a film project, she sails off to the sizzling French arena of Corsica to relax with her family. Loving star Pablo and her hubby and fellow actor Javier Bardem retreat to the cool peninsula with their own 2 boys, Leonardo and Luna, as often as possible.

Khloe Kardashian – Greece

Between them, the Kardashian clan has toured pools and loungers all over the world from Thailand and Bora Bora to Paris and Florence. Disregarding all their countless entertainment spaces, Kardashian’s middle sister Khloe has labeled Greece as one of the best entertainment spaces.

Mila Kunis – French Riviera

The beauties of the French Riviera have lured the entire A-list star-studded lineup from Johnny Depp and Kat Blanchett to Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot in their time. Today, some of its most frequent visitors are  Mila Kunis and her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, who periodically arrive to sample the pleasures of the Azure Coast.

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