Alcohol is prohibited on beaches and excursions for 60 days.

According to the publication, the restrictions on selling alcoholic beverages on beaches and during sightseeings would continue at least two months.

Nearly a hundred people have died in the last month as a result of taking methanol-laced drinks, according to government reports.

Consequently, the Ministry of Tourism has released a “temporary and preventative” measure, which can be extended for a longer duration if authorities find it appropriate. Restrictions are also included Resolution DJ-010-2021 for those who do not follow the rules about the selling, delivery, and consumption of alcoholic drinks during excursions or tours, as well as on the country’s beaches.

Albania Martnez, president of the Association of Aquatic Companies in the province of La Altagracia, spoke out against the prohibition and proposed ways to avoid the resolution affecting tourism and vacation activities that depend on alcohol.

 Authorities in the Dominican Republic confirmed this week that they have increased vigilance in tourist areas to prevent alcoholic drinks of unknown origin and components unfit for human consumption from reaching those areas. The problem of adulterated alcohol has been declared a national security issue. They also announced that methanol import and commercialization restrictions will be tightened.

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