American Caribbean broadcaster releases documentary on Dominican Republic’s civic leader

One of the most popular TV services, Carib Nation TV, presented a documentary documenting life and work of a Dominican community leader and founder of Dominica Workshop for the Blind, Alberta Christian, MSA.

Carib Nation TV is a Washington-based television service that was created for the Caribbean and American viewers to enhance interculturalism and showcase the rich Caribbean culture.

Under director Larry Sundays’ direction, the documentary Woman of Substance – The Life and Times of Christian Alberta was released on August 19, 2018, on this TV channel in Washington DC.

To the documentary, Christian highlights and briefly talks about the importance of faith and education and disciplined effort in building any civilization

She talks about her challenging role in the 4-H Club movement at school during World War II. The young lady tells how horribly German submarines are robbed, cargo ships delivering various goods to the islands, and how the Dominicans produced salt from evaporated seawater, sugar from squeezed cane juice, and bread from cassava, dried yam, and breadfruit. She then becomes a founding member of the local Red Cross and National Council of Women. She is delighted that she has made the community a better place.

At the military parade on Independence Day (1982), the Dominican Republic government awarded Christian with important awards and rewarded her with the Medal of Service to Her.

After 25 years as a workshop leader for the blind in 1988, she left the community leaving a tremendous amount of input.

Christian taught the blind to make household items (baskets, trays) with their own hands to earn a good living for themselves.

Christian is raising seven children (four girls and three boys) with the 57-year-old British Army WWII veteran and longtime fire officer Wendell Mackenzie Christian.

Alberta Christian, in 2017, together with her children Gabriel and Esther Christian, published a memoir, “Substantial Woman – The Life and Times of Alberta Christian.”

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