Ask the Consul – My immigrant visa was approved… Now what?

If your immigrant visa has been approved, we extend our sincere congratulations. You and your family went through a long and complicated way, and now, you as an applicant are in the final steps to move to the United States. Now the main question: what should you do?

First – Check your email!

Within about ten days after your interview, you will receive an email to the address you indicated in your online profile. The email will have details about date and place to pick up your visa package and passport “visa”. When you first created your profile on, you selected a destination for your immigrant visa package. Most applicants send their documents to the Visa Service Center (VAC) in Galería 360. However, you can also choose to receive your package to one of the 16 Mail Boxes Etc. offices throughout the country or to your home address, if you pay for premium delivery option.

Second – Look for your identity card (ID)!

The only thing you need, in order to receive the parcel and the “visa” passport is your ID. You do NOT need to pay any additional charges at the time of collection! If a family member or representative must pick up your documents, it’s necessarily to follow detailed instructions on the back of your visa approval sheet.

Third – Do not open your package!

The sealed envelope must be given to the immigration officer when you first enter the U.S.

Fourth – check your visa information!

Review your visa personal information. It must exactly match the data in your passport. If you have found a mistake in the visa, please use the e-mail, to contact the US Embassy! If everything is ok, write down the expiration date of your visa! And you will definitely come to the USA before this date!

If you have any questions, please visit our website

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