The Dominican Republic announced the date when it would be ready to receive Russian tourists.

The vaccination campaign has started in the Dominican Republic. According to info group “TURPROM,” the press service of the Ministry of Tourism of the country, the Dominican Government has embarked on a plan “VACÚNATE RD” (translated from Spanish – “Vaccinate, Dominican Republic”), received a shipment of vaccine COVID-19 weighing 110 kg. The vaccination process will take place in three stages, the implementation of which was purchased 21 million doses. By the end of 2021, 70% of Dominicans over 18 years (7.8 million people) will be vaccinated.

“Vaccination against coronavirus in the Dominican Republic will have a positive effect on the tourism industry in the shortest possible time. In the implementation process, we will see a sharp decline in infections and hospitalizations that gradually ease restrictions on travel activities, contributing to the strengthening of our economy. As soon as we achieve the so-called herd immunity, the confidence of foreign visitors, and we have strengthened the position of the safest destinations in the Caribbean region”, – said the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado.

In other words, according to officials, the country will be considered covid-free both for tourists and for the residents themselves by about the end of this year, when it reaches 70% of vaccinations, which should provide collective immunity. Considering that the high tourist season in the Dominican Republic for Russian tourists begins around November, we can assume that the Dominican Republic will be officially open for our tourists by this time.

At present, the recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic is considered successful. Various international organizations highly appreciated the level of “responsible reaction” to the demands of the country’s “new reality” and the success of the planned resumption of tourism activities with strict security protocols that protect the health of tourists and locals. All visitors arriving by air in the hotel offer a free health insurance plan, which is valid until March 31, 2021, and covers all types of emergencies, including possible contamination COVID-19.

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