The Dominican Republic Eases Curfew – New Schedule (February)

Dominican Republic Curfew (February).

Today, the Dominican Republic government announced that the country had recorded a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases. In this connection, the President decided to weaken the curfew at the end of January and February 2021.

Raquel Peña, Vice President of the Dominican Republic, announced that the new curfew schedule would continue from January 27 to February 8.

Now on weekdays, all cafes, bars, shops, offices, businesses, and institutions should close until 19:00. However, you can move around the country until 22:00. Traveling around the country on weekdays after 22:00 and until 05:00 is prohibited.

road in Dominican Republic

On weekends, all offices, businesses and institutions, cafes, bars, and shops must close until 17:00. However, you can move around the country until 20:00. Traveling around the country after 20:00 and until 05:00 on weekends is prohibited.

During the curfew hours, as before, residents and guests of the country who go to or from the airport (if they have a ticket) can move around.

Citizens who need medical attention and are sent to hospitals.

Law enforcement officers and specially accredited security agencies. Duly accredited journalists, etc. The full list of officials who are allowed to travel during curfew hours can be found on the President of the Dominican Republic website.

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