Doña Natividad Martínez de la Cruz, considered one of the oldest women in the world, turned 121 years.

One of the oldest women in the world, Dominican dona Natividad, celebrated her 121st birthday.

The oldest Dominican woman
Donye Natividad Martinez de la Cruz, considered one of the oldest women globally, is 121 years old.

Despite her impressive age, Dona Natividad is very active. Her energy surprises many. She gets up from the chair quite energetically, moves quickly, and even dances the bachata!

She easily supports the conversation and laughs heartily. He still sings Christian hymns and humorously perceives problems with memory.

Despite her age, she remembers a lot, talks about her childhood and hard work from an early age, when, in her words, she worked the land like a man.”

the oldest women in the world

Dona Natividad comes from a family of centenarians. Her brothers died between the ages of 106 and 116. She still has two brothers who have lived for over a century, like her.

Jose Manuel López, a member of the city council, congratulated the birthday girl with biscuits and soft drinks in her modest wooden house. She lives with her daughter Cipriana, surrounded by grandchildren.

This congratulation came as a big surprise for the whole family. Jose Manuel López explained that his second visit to the family was to celebrate Donna Natividad’s birthday. A council member presented her with several Christmas bonus cards as part of the President of the Republic’s program, Luis Abinader.

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