Free insurance from Club Med hotel

International Travel Network, represented in the Dominican Republic in the hotels Club Med Punta Cana and Club Med Playa Esmeralda Miches, will give all its guests enhanced medical insurance.

To attract as many visitors and reduce their concerns about travel in such difficult times – in hotels Club Med launched the emergency medical services program.

This means that tourists staying at Club Med Punta Cana and Club Med Playa Esmeralda Miches until December 31, 2022, can count on the following assistance program.

If the guest during the holidays in the Dominican Republic in one of the above hotels – will need to go to the hospital or have been found coronavirus, the hotel will cover:

  • emergency medical expenses
  • an advance payment of the costs of hospitalization abroad (up to 75,000 euros per person, including taxes)
  • the cost of an extended stay at the hotel if required health authorities
  • medical evacuation, repatriation.

Hotels also have a flexible cancellation or postponement policy. Guests can make reservations through the hotel website, and if they change plans, tourists can cancel the reservation 31 days before arrival and receive a full refund.

This service is valid until 16th December, 2021.

Thanks to its own safe recreation program, Safe Together – in hotels Club Med network guarantees guests a relaxing, comfortable and safe holiday.

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