Jarabacoa Travel Guide: 10 Places to Visit in the Dominican Alps

Jarabacoa is located at the foot of the great Dominican Alps. Most tourists come to the Dominican Republic in search of beach towns or resorts. Thus, thanks to the Dominican Alps, the mountainous metropolis of Jarabacoa has retained an intricate and underestimated beauty while encompassing an almost spiritual atmosphere. With its dark pine trees and lush forests, towering mountains, and rejuvenating waterfalls, freshwater streams, and unique fauna of Dominicana. Temperatura Jarabacoa typically varies from 61°F to 86°F and is rarely below 57°F or above 90°F.

Visit the Countless Waterfalls of Jarabacoa

1)Jimenoa falls

Jimenoa Falls I is said to be where Jurassic Park was filmed. It is powerful rock formations that look almost out of this world. Before heading to this waterfall, you will drive past a beautiful bean plantation and admire the falls from the very top of the vibrant green hills. Elementary, this magnificent picture from the entrance to the start of the hike is worth the admission ticket price. It’s a great but dashing hike.

2)  Salto Baiguate falls

Baiguate Falls is a believable shallow waterfall that flows into the Baiguate River. You will be able to wade under the falls, but you will not be able to swim in the dry season as the water is quite shallow at around 2 feet. The highlight of this skill is horseback riding there, which gives you a great adventure through the Jarabacoa metropolis roads and then through the lush forests.

You can get here by car (10 minutes drive) and in just 15 minutes on foot. Or you can arrest the horse right there in the direction of 30-50 minutes. (depending on how handy you are) plus a walk downhill.

3) Salto Secreto

One of the favorite waterfalls in the Dominican Republic! After a 30-minute drive towards the metropolis of Manabao, you leave your car in front of a pretty shop window with an elderly lady who sells homemade ice cream and herbal pharmaceutical teas. After that, you walk through the finca and, at some point, walk across the river. For example, that your feet will get wet! After that, you will reach this awe-inspiring waterfall, which will most likely be your whole decision.

4) 27 Falls

 It is a natural park ensemble of 27 waterfalls. You will slide, jump, wander on foot and climb up and down these natural limestone waterfalls. It`s 2 hours from Jarabacoa.

5) Jimenoa II

This waterfall is covered in real-time due to a storm that destroyed the suspension bridge connecting travelers to the waterfall. This is the most unpretentious waterfall in Jarabacoa. And I would still probably rate it as less impressive but easiest for travelers who don’t want to wander around on foot a lot. It is still beautiful, but I would only recommend it for this time when it gets fixed, and in case you are looking for a short walk to the waterfall.

Go on an Epic Walking Adventure

6) Hike Pico Duarte

It is exceptionally the tallest mountain in the Caribbean and takes 3 days to build. The campsite where the hike starts is approximately 45 minutes drive from Jarabacoa. A hike in Pico Duarte has the potential to be rejuvenating, spiritual (you will most likely find yourself on Day 3 of this hike – trust me), and generally a special skill for both hikers and local Dominicans. At the top of the mountain peak are a painting of the Dominican Alps from a thousand feet above sea level and a Dominican flag with a sculpture of the state’s founding father, Juan Pablo Duarte. An irreplaceable activity for hikers.

7) Hike in Valle de Tetero

The frosty Jacques del Sur River flows through the cold, lush Valle de Tetero plain. Located halfway between the Manabao camp base and the Pico Duarte summit, you can combine Pico Duarte and Valle de Tetero on a 4-day hike. After a day’s hike, to get here, you can pitch your tent, swim in the river, make a fire to cook a meal, and just … relax.

8) Hike to Mount Mogote

If you are short on time and would instead go for a full day hike, then a hike to Mount Mogote is probably your best bet. It’s not as nimble as other hikes, but it takes at least 3 hours up and down to complete. It is a 4,000-foot climb with a steep top view.

Relax and rejuvenate in Jarabacoa

9) Skillful Massage + Facial Care

 Receive an hour massage from a skilled masseuse (Margarita), who will drive up to your house on a small tuk-tuk. This person was one of the best I have ever had, and at that moment, I felt a noticeable difference in my susceptible skin! Margarita also gave me one of the best messages in recent years.

10) La Montana in Jamaca de Dios

This is one of the finest restaurants in Jarabacoa. Located at the top of Jamaca de Dios, the highest residential area, you will find a restaurant: Aroma la Montana. The food here is pretty sweet, but once the plain and the Dominican Alps picture is in itself worth the 15-minute ride.

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