Macao Beach (Dominican Republic)

Wild beach Macao in the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular public beaches.

Golden sand, sparkling in the sun, lingering and wide coastline. Huge palm trees flanking the wild coast. Small mangrove grove.

Rocky hill from which you can see the beach, at a glance.

And, of course, always warm water and famous waves hitting millions of brilliant splashes – all beach Macao, Dominican Republic.

They come here on holiday with the whole family, as well as to learn how to surf, try the cheap local seafood. To get married on the beach or enjoy a romantic photoshoot at dawn.

Many excursions come to Macao. It is also easy to get to the beach on your own – by taxi or by renting a car.

In this article, we will share with you all the useful information and secrets of Macao Beach.

Macao Beach is located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. 35 minutes by car from Punta Cana airport.

It is easy to get to the beach from the resort area of Bavaro and Punta Cana – the road will take only 20-30 minutes by car, depending on the location of your hotel.

And from the resort area of Uvero Alto, it will take only 15 minutes to drive to Macao.

From another popular tourist area Bayahibe to Macao is about 1 hour 30 minutes by car.

Getting to Macao Beach is absolutely not difficult. It is enough to call a taxi or rent a car.

Also, many popular excursions come to the beach – buggies and quad bike (ATVs).

If you decide to go to the beach on your own, you should know that visiting the beach is free. But locals may ask for a small tip for looking after your car in the parking lot.

Everything you need to know about Macao Beach

Macao has golden, sandy beaches and the bottom, but some areas have coral stones. So that until you feel the bottom – it’s better not to plunge into the water with a run.

There is almost always an unpredictable wave. It would seem – a complete calm, and in a minute the waves rise.

macao beach pic

Locals sell various souvenirs and oils in Macao, here you can rent a sun lounger and parasol or stay in the shade of palm trees.

Here is a real paradise for those who like to jump in the waves.

That is why there is a great place to start surfing. In the center of the beach, the waves are moderate. And on the left side of the rocks – big waves, for professionals.

At the entrance to the beach, there is a surf camp, which also employs Russian-speaking instructors. Here you can rent a board, book a lesson with an instructor, reserve a place in the chill-out area with wi-fi, or try a surfer lunch.

It is necessary to understand that there are reverse currents on the beach.

As a rule, they are not extensive. The first thing to do – swim out of it. To do this, you need to swim parallel to the shore. As soon as you feel that you have swum out of the current and you are no longer pulled into the depths – head to the shore.

Rescue towers are installed on the beach in case of assistance to tourists. But it is better to know how to behave when hit in the reverse flow.

And in Macao, there is no coral reef, which, as a barrier, protects the beaches from dangerous marine life. From time to time, large stingrays with a diameter of about 1 meter are seen in Macao.

Cafe and seafood in Macao

In the afternoon, fishermen come to Macao with a wide variety of catches: fish (marlin, dorado, barracuda, mackerel, etc.), lobsters, shrimps, and occasionally crabs, oysters and other seafood.

If you relax yourself, you can buy anything directly from the fishermen. Or order a meal in one of the many cafes on the shore of the Dominican.

Prepare just here – on the coals.

Seafood is complemented by salad, rice, fried bananas, or French fries.

Weddings and photo sessions in Macao

Macao is very fond of tourists for symbolic weddings and photo shoots.

However, if you are looking for a private photo shoot or ceremony, other beaches are worth considering. Since Macao – public beach, people will always be near a lot.

macao beach coast

In 2020, on the beach of Macao opened its first hotel, the system all-inclusive – Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana Resort & Spa.

It is a modern 5-star tourist complex. Which currently offers 500 comfortable suites, 9 restaurants, 7 bars, 4 swimming pools, a water park, spa, gym.

Especially for visitors – Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana one of the sections of the Macao beach was covered with white sand.

Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana resort

In 2020, the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has decided to elevate Macao beach. So that very soon it will cease to be wild.

Modern cafes and commercial premises are being built on the beach. For tourists will be installed a wooden walkway, deck chairs, gazebos sun.

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