Marina Cap Cana – the best fishing spot in the world

Prestigious international fisheries organizations Billfish Report published a ranking of the best fishing destinations worldwide.

On results of 2020 the first place in the ranking went to the port unconditionally Cap Cana (Dominican Republic)!

It is worth noting that the Billfish Report forms its rating based on fishing reports that it collects from various marinas from all over the world.

Among the most important criteria by which ultimately selected the best of the best:

  • number of fish caught,
  • variety of marine life,
  • the average size of fish caught,
  • duration of the season,
  • many fishing vessels, etc.

“In 2020, the number of fishing reports decreased, since in many countries was limited daytime fishing, and in some areas – canceled at all. However, we have received more than 4,000 reports and would like to thank and congratulate those who were able to fish in 2020 and enjoy amazing fishing, – Billfish Report reported on his official site ( At the end of 2020, the best place for fishing in the world became Cap Cana’s port. In 2016, this marina fixed the record fishing season, which seemed impossible to beat. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in 2020, in the marina of Cap Cana were recorded astronomical catches of blue marlin!”

According to the Billfish Report, roughly half of Cap Cana’s registered vessels last year boasted a catch that included blue marlin. Also, the fishing organization noted that Cap Cana is annually included in the prestigious rating of the publication and ranks high in the TOP, as one of the best places for fishing in the world.

In terms of catches in 2020, boats sailing specifically from Cap Cana provided 50% more fishing reports than their closest competitors. Thereby obtaining an unconditional victory and official title – the best place for fishing in the world at the end of 2020.

Last year, the most impressive were the following fishing reports: 91 reports of 5 and more per day caught a blue marlin. Fifteen reports indicated that 10 or more marlins were caught and released per day in the Cap Cana area.

And one day 23 blue marlins were caught!

Definitely, this is the best data in the world and the best blue marlin fishing at the end of 2020.

The Billfish Report also noted that Cap Cana was previously considered one of the best places in the world for catching white marlin. However, the catch of this fish has now decreased. Perhaps the blue marlins, of which there are really a lot in the waters in the Cap Cana area, repels white marlins.

fishing spot

Director of the port of Cap Cana Silvano Suazo thanked Billfish Report for assigning high status and said:

“This is the first time that our marina has been named the best fishing destination in the world. Since 2019, we were in position No. 9, in 2017 – No. 4, and in 2016 – our port took 2nd place in this rating. Such high recognition contributes to the positive positioning of the resort and the development of sea tourism and sport fishing in the Dominican Republic. This is a difficult task with which we deal with our team. And all the work done allows us to develop the sector, the economy of the country and the region,” – said Silvano Suazo.

Also, Cap Cana’s Marina noted that due to the closure of borders, the tourism industry in 2020 was severely damaged. There were no sport fishing tournaments in the Dominican Republic. Decreased and the number of vessels that came to a private sport fishing.

However, catches those who are still left in the ocean – have grown. According to Cap Cana’s port – the average area of the resort daily caught and released about 10 marlins.

Thanks to its fishing method, Marina Cap Cana consistently contributes to preserving the most important marine species fishing, based on the catch and release of fish species, while protecting the environment.

In 2021, Cap Cana Marina is planning to host the Caribbean White Marlin (in May) and Cap Cana Classic (in October).

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