Nonimmigrant Visa Application: Payment and Appointments

In the last column “Ask the Consul” we talked about how to find information about visas at, and how to complete a non-immigrant visa application (DS-160) at, and how to create a profile at

After these steps, you are ready to pay the registration fee and make an appointment. First go to, to the profile you created. Select type of visa for which you are applying. The visa category you choose here, should correspond to the category you selected in the DS-160.

Visa type will be determined by the purpose of your trip. Are you applying for business, tourism, study, etc.? At this point you can add any family member for whom you are applying with you. After selecting a category, you will be asked series questions about any previous visas you might have, and then you move on to confirmation page, which shows total amount to pay.

Print the payment confirmation page and follow the instructions to pay online with a credit card, or visit any Banco Popular branch within the established 24 hours to pay the rate in Dominican pesos.

You will receive your reference number within 24 hours. If reference number is lost, it cannot be replaced. Now you are ready to schedule your appointment, but you won’t be able to schedule it without your reference number.

Schedule your appointment through our call center, 829-565-5144, or The process is similar to buying a flight online – click on the desired date and select a convenient time.

If you need an embassy meeting, you will need to select an embassy meeting date in a first place, and then an earlier one in Visa Application Center (VAC), where your fingerprints and photo will be taken.

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