Paradise island Cayo Arena in the Dominican Republic.

Cayo Arena, Cayo Paraiso, or Paradise Island in the Dominican Republic – one of the most amazing and beautiful places on the planet.

The original name of this attraction is Cayo Arena. The island got this name because its territory is empty, like an arena. But everyone, even the locals, calls this tiny island Paradise. In Spanish, it sounds especially melodic “Cayo Paraiso.”

Paradise Island in the Dominican Republic is a small sandbank in the Atlantic Ocean. On the picturesque island with snow-white sand is no vegetation, and for visitors of the country are set palm-roofed huts. These houses protect visitors from the sun and are wonderful photo locations.

In total, there are from 5 to 8 houses on Paradise Island at different times. Sometimes they are almost completely submerged underwater and therefore are rapidly destroyed. But residents and the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic reduced this “marine village.”

Island stands only 5-6 meters above sea level. And sometimes even immersed in the azure waters of the Atlantic. By the way, Paradise Island is of coral origin. And surrounded by an incredibly beautiful reef.

marine village

In 2013, one of the most prestigious news organizations globally, CNN, created a list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

CNN Travel has named the 100 best beaches on the planet. And the place at number 34 was given to Paradise Island in the Dominican Republic.

Reporters noted that the Cayo Arena – a tiny island lost in the ocean. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, is so clear that you can see the bottom. And the color of the water around the island varies from turquoise blue to aquamarine color.

It’s worth noting that CNN’s choice was not spontaneous. Channel journalists traveled a lot and personally participated in the rankings. Also, take into account the expert opinion of the famous traveler and channel audience.

CNN Travel’s guide to the best beaches in the world says the following about Cayo Arena:

– It seems that the purest water in the world surrounds this small island. This sandbank is surrounded by a coral reef that is a great snorkeling spot. This sandbank is surrounded by a coral reef that is a great snorkeling spot.

In 2020, Forbes magazine made Paradise Island in the Dominican Republic on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. And he published a review for visiting this amazing place.

The publication noted that this tiny island – is a perfect place for secluded relaxation during covid vacation.

-Next to the north-west coast of the Dominican Republic, sent the boat to Cayo Arena, a secluded beach where you can dive and swim and snorkel in the shallow turquoise waters. This small sandbar is also a perfect destination if you want to avoid crowded beaches. But it’s better to come back as soon as possible, says Forbes recommendations.

It would be best if you went as early as possible on the island – in the first half of the day. At this time, water is the most beautiful flowers and most transparent.

It is always windy on the island; you need to keep it in mind during planning your vacation.

But taking a cover for underwater shooting with you is definitely worth it. Around the island, there are millions of tropical fish.

Everything you could need on the island -Take a snack, water, and sunscreen with you. On the island, there is absolutely nothing. And by the way, there is no toilet on the island either.

But here are incredible photos! On one side of the island, you can see the Northern Cordillera, and on the other – the endless Atlantic Ocean.

If you love snorkeling – bring a diving mask.

Please note that places near Cayo Arena are quite wild. There are no supermarkets in these areas. Masks, sunscreen, bathing suits and other necessary tourist things – you need to bring with you.

Paradise Island is located about 25-30 minutes by motorboat from the coast.

You need to arrive at La Ensenada or Punta Rucia beach and hire a boat or catamaran from the locals. Typically, carriers, along with his sea duty on the beaches.

Near Paradise Island is the beautiful Punta Rucia beach. On its shore there is a small number of cafes, and a relaxation area, where you can comfortably spend time.

Here you can rent a boat and see the extensive mangroves. Which serve as the cradle for most marine life.

In the area of mangroves, some travelers engaged birdwatching.

And in this area can be seen manatees or sea cows – genus of large aquatic mammals.

Weight manatee 400-550 kg. A body length of 2.8-3 meters. Although known individuals whose length reached 3.6 m and the weight of 1775 kg! Females tend to be larger and heavier than the male. And newborn babies weigh from 30 kg.

There are manatees in shallow, swampy and coastal areas of North, Central and South America. And also, in the Caribbean.

Close to Paradise Island is also Preserve marine mammals Estero Hondo.

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