Punta Cana excursions: expert’s recommendations

Located at the southern tip of the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean paradise radiates stingy chic. Punta Cana draws people to its shores every year with its glittering all-inclusive hotels, exciting casinos, and perfect beaches. Its proximity to the U.S. and tropical climate make this luxury resort a favorite among travelers who seek the perfect cocktail of snappy nightlife, lavish spas, and a big dose of Caribbean culture. Discover Markus Wischnebart’s hot list of unforgettable Punta Cana excursions that you can try while vacationing in paradise. 

How to find the best things to do in Punta Cana

The last thing you want to do while on vacation is weave through the miles in search of a vacation. Luckily, Punta Cana and Bavaro are full of vacations that are likely to put a smirk on the face of even the most hard-working tourists. The tourist attractions of Punta Cana are easily accessible from all the leading hotels on the Costa del Coco (Coconut Coast). From historic ruins and museum tours to scuba diving with tropical fish, there is a wide range of choices for all interests and budgets. Read on to find out what else is on fire in Punta Cana and get ready to add a variety of Punta Cana excursions to your personal list of things to do.

Enjoy a guided tour of Saona Island to a white sand paradise

When you arrive on the Saona Peninsula, it’s not easy for you to trust that you’re not looking at a Microsoft screen saver. It is truly an idyllic oasis that invites secluded entertainment from the buzz of resort life and the heavy schedule of excursions in Punta Cana. Life on the Saona Peninsula moves at a more leisurely pace, which makes it a perfect place to slow down and soak up the sun. If you do not want to spend time here sunbathing, a sightseeing trip to Saona Island will lead you to the best snorkeling areas that Punta Cana has to offer. The kaleidoscopic abundance of fish that live in these waters will provide a great deal of relaxation in the direction of an hour or 2. Naturally, no trip to the Saona Peninsula is complete without a strenuous walk through the mangrove forests and ending the day swimming with dolphins in the crystal clear waters.

Set sail underground for extraordinary tours of Punta Cana

Satisfy that craving for adventure and explore the Dominican Republic’s ancient network of caves, the largest in the Caribbean. Almost all of these caves can be found in the state parks and can be visited all over the island on all kinds of excursions to Punta Cana. Cave ‘Fun Feast’ is one of the best adventures of Punta Cana for nature lovers and 1 of the best excursions to Punta Cana to discover the unimaginable natural views of the island. The cave, located in Los Haites State Park, is rumored to be the largest in the world and, absolutely, the largest in the Caribbean. It hides 28 km of tunnels, as well as an underground river and pristine lagoons. Let your Punta Cana Cave Tours guide you through the interesting geography of the Dominican Republic and the antiquity of the cave before you descend into its underground chambers to take another look at the Dominican Republic.

Excursions to Punta Cana by Unbridled Nature

Explore further from the main roads and revel in the abundance of recreation in Punta Cana beyond resort restrictions. Set sail on day trips from Punta Cana with Bavaro runners who will take you deep into the countryside on safari buggies. They will be your guide to area rural life in the Bavaro region. From lush rainforests filled with striking unbridled nature to sweet cane plantations and expert cigar-rolling classes, there’s something to engage the whole family. Enjoy a fun stop on the idyllic sands of Macau Beach and let your worries fade into the sand before returning to business in Punta Cana at night. This is a wonderful sample of tours to Punta Cana, timed to the area’s culture.

Tours to Punta Cana and excursions to Santo Domingo

The colonial metropolis of Santo Domingo is considered a necessary detour when planning tours to Punta Cana for your vacation. It’s 1 of the best excursions in Punta Cana, for example, as Santo Domingo, a UNESCO Global Heritage Site, quickly contrasts with the built-up tourist mecca of resorts. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived on the peninsula, Santo Domingo became the central center of the Fresh World. It is home to the 1st cathedral, hospital, and institute in the Americas. The metropolis is magnificently protective of its own situation, and the colonial architecture makes for a dreamy field for exploring Dominican urban life and entertainment in the hotels in the center of the metropolis. While enjoying a tour of Santo Domingo from Punta Cana, don’t miss the chance to cool off in “3 Eyes,” an azure lagoon located in a limestone cave. Once refreshed, continue to observe the beautiful structures and monuments, such as the Alcazar de Colón or the Fortaleza Ozama.

What to light up in Punta Cana in March – Altos de Chavon

But the village of Altos de Chavon is not strictly placed in Punta Cana, it is a must-visit when planning excursions in Punta Cana. Located outside the resort, in the metropolis of La Reforma, Altos de Chavon provides a faithful replica of the 16th-century Mediterranean metropolis, which in reality is considered a bohemian enclave with a colony of designers. It’s 1 of the most appropriate trips from Punta Cana, and the village is home to the State Archaeological Museum and also an unimaginable unenclosed amphitheater that has hosted performances by musical superstars such as Frank Sinatra and Carlos Santana. See the magnificently preserved building forms and be transported back in time as you explore its zigzag streets.

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