Rest in the Dominican Republic what time of year is better?

When choosing the most suitable season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic, you need to take into account some factors:
1) cost
2) weather conditions
3) availability of tickets and hotel rooms
4) vacation time, vacations, holidays
5) personal preferences.

In terms of the cost of recreation, the cheapest holidays are in the summer months, that is, from about mid-May to late October.
In the winter months begins the high season, the price of flights and hotel prices increase significantly. The cheapest airfare may be at the end of May, summer, September. However, it depends on the airline.

Weather conditions include the following: air temperature, water temperature, hurricane season, rain, wind, etc.
The hottest months are July and August. During the summer months, the water temperature is the highest, or rather perfectly warm. There is almost no wind. The best time for the beach is after 3 pm. Before that, the sun is very strong and dangerous.
During the winter months there are gusty strong winds, especially on the coast. The water is relatively cold, there are far fewer bathers, and it is chilly and windy on the beach after 4 pm.
The hurricane season officially lasts from June to November. But you should not rely on this factor, as this phenomenon is quite rare and represents no particular danger.

There are almost never any problems with availability of seats, except for winter vacations (New Year holidays), that is, from December 23 to January 15. However, during the high (winter) season it is recommended to book a hotel and a ticket in advance. In winter, hotels are full, there are a lot of tourists, you will not be bored.

Vacation and vacation time – during this period the highest prices for trips, and it is necessary to book in advance. These are New Year’s holidays, May holidays.

And of course an important factor is personal preferences: if you like company and crowds of tourists in hotels (then for you a winter period), if you like to rest in a quiet and cheaper (then summer), if you like the water warmer and you do not like the wind (then summer), if you like cool, breezes and waves (then winter), you like spontaneity, not used to book in advance and prefer to take off the place spontaneously (then summer).

We, too, doubt the qualifications of travel agents. We already have extensive experience vacationing in hot countries in July / August in the so-called “off season”: Thailand, Maldives, Ceylon, Egypt, UAE. Everywhere we had a great beach vacation, almost no rain, and a short rain was even pleasant.
We are planning to fly to Dominican Republic in summer too, we carefully monitored all the weather sites and weather forecasts for the past years, it is possible and necessary to have a rest there in summer.

Just there are regions where the monsoon rains in summer are very strong, that is certainly not worth flying there, for example: India, northern Thailand, the Philippines (some islands).

For example, only in Thailand are very different weather conditions in the summer: Phuket Island is not the season, strong waves, rains periodically, strong currents in the sea, and on Samui Island at the same time, calm and the best season-August.

So to judge the weather in the tropics is impossible.
And travel agencies do not bother with such details, especially since they have to sell tours to Turkey in summer.

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