The caring tourism strategy of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been operating as a tourism destination since September 2020, having created a responsible recovery strategy that has allowed tourists to enjoy the country while helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Visitors arriving in the Dominican Republic no longer have to submit negative PCR tests, but some will have to undergo random PCR tests. Everyone employed in the tourism industry throughout the Caribbean country must be vaccinated.

The Health Assistance Plan was created to cover COVID-19 hospital stays or other related expenditures for tourists who stay at hotels. This coverage will be extended until July 30, 2021, according to a decision made by the Ministry of Tourism on June 1.

Tourism is an incredibly important part of the Dominican Republic’s economy. Over 70 hotel chains operate within the country, and more than 100 airlines fly routes to the island nation from over 500 cities worldwide. The number of travelers coming into the Dominican Republic has reached its highest number since the beginning of the pandemic in May.

“Additionally, the country is among the first 5 countries in the region for the advance rate of vaccination, which allows it to continue with a policy open to tourism,” a statement from the Ministry of Tourism reads.

The latest data from the COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics page on Our World In Data reports that the Dominican Republic has given 4.63 million doses to individuals; much higher than that of other Caribbean nations. By comparison, Cuba has given 2.04 million doses, the second-highest number in the Caribbean. Jamaica’s number is at just over 177,000 doses.


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