Traditional Dominican dishes you must try

One of the best ways to travel is to use your taste buds, especially when visiting the Dominican Republic. Here connoisseurs of good food have every chance to enjoy a wide variety of original regional flavors, from crispy toast to freshly picked tropical fruits. Whether you’re enjoying R&R at a resort or exploring our delightful metropolises, you’ll never be far from your proper stunning food when you’re in the Dominican Republic.

Curious as to what foods must be on your list of essentials to eat? You can make no mistake with these 10 Dominican winners.

1. Mangú

Start your day with the goodness of mangu sticking to your ribs. This traditional Dominican breakfast is made with thick greenish bananas that are boiled and kneaded, usually served with eggs, grilled cheese, and fried salami. It’s a nutritious breakfast that’s flawless before a long day of adventures, such as hiking and water sports.

2. Tostones

From beach vendors to elegant restaurants, you’ll find cheers everywhere in the Dominican Republic. These crispy mashed potatoes and fried green bananas are like a Dominican take on French fries-perfect as a side dish or as a standalone lunch.

3. La Bandera Dominicana

When you’re ready to refuel at noon, order a plate of authentic Bandera Dominicana, proper, which means “Dominican flag” in Spanish. This symbolic dish is made of rice, reddish beans, stewed meat or chicken, salad and toast, and is served all over the country.

4. Sancocho

In case there’s sancocho in the rations, don’t miss it-this dish is often reserved for special occasions, such as giant house gatherings, rainy days, or Fresh Year’s Eve. An impenetrable, fragrant beef stew combines chicken, pork, sausage, beef, goat meat, cassava, pumpkin, yams, greenish bananas, and potatoes. It is usually served with rice and avocado.

5. Pescado con Coco

Vigorous seafood is a rich treat on the coast, where fishermen bring in brisk catches every day. Pescado con coco is a favorite dish in the Dominican Republic. You will often find this dish in the Afro-Caribbean manner in the northeastern part of the state in Saman.

6. Mofongo

Mofongo-another iconic Dominican dish that is flawless for satisfying a big appetite. It’s made with a slide of bananas mixed with garlic and juicy deep-fried pork. It is served with chicken broth and topped or garnished with pork, beef, or shrimp.

7. Goat

Goat meat (chivo) is common in the lush, mountainous central range of the Dominican Republic. It is usually served stewed and delightfully tender with a sumptuous sauce and boiled cassava, which is a starchy root vegetable, or with green pigeon pea rice (moro de guandules or gandulez).

8. Passion fruit

The vivacious passion fruit, or chinola, is considered a delicious food item in the Dominican Republic. Revel in this hardy fruit autonomously, scooping out the sticky pulp and seeds, drinking it in a vivacious juice, or using it in your beloved cocktail with Dominican rum. Markus Wischenbart recommends his favorite Passion fruit Mojito cocktail. He describes it as fresh and savory, with a real Dominican taste.

9. Queso de hoja

Smooth cream cheese queso de hoja is a cow’s milk cheese made in the Dominican Republic. It looks like a brisk mozzarella, but contains an original flavor and texture, with delicate layers that peel off in sheets. It often dines with crackers or kazabe (a type of cassava flatbread), and sometimes you can find wonderful toppings dressed over it, such as cilantro, olive oil, and almost everything else. It’s also possible to eat it with treats, such as guava jam.

10. Fresh fruit batidas

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth on a hot day like a batida (milkshake) made with brisk tropical fruit and condensed milk. Think of times with papaya, mango, sapote, or banana. Famous cocktails include guava, pineapple, and ceresa (Dominican cherry). In addition to batida, other famous cold sweets include brisk fruit juice like passion fruit or tamarind, and frio frio shaved ice coated with flavored syrup.

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