Truffle justice

Oscar Arturo Nanita and the National District Attorney’s Office reached an agreement on Friday that announces a temporary suspension of the trial and orders him to pay 300,000 dinars ($ 5,172) to ask for an apology, which will be televised on national television, before visiting 15 talking about behavior, doing community work, and refraining from repeating cruelty to animals.

Nanita was accused of mistreating Truff’s dog (Truffle) in an incident that went viral last Saturday and subsequently led to his jail time.

The said agreement was signed with the prosecutor Topachio Suero because, as the document says, the accused admitted to committing an act of violence against animals, thereby violating the Law on the Protection of Animals.

This pending agreement was deposited by the Ministry of Attorney’s Office with the Coordination Body of the Instructional Courts of the National Circuit so that the responsible judge can confirm its titles.

As part of this case, last Monday, January 19, National District Attorney General Rosalba Ramos received a report of Trufa’s physical abuse and immediately appointed Judge Suero to investigate the case to seek appropriate sanctions.

Nanita’s atrocities were recorded on video that circulated over the weekend. According to the perpetrator, he kicked the dog because it was trying to attack one of his children.

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