Weather: When to go to the Dominican Republic?

Seasons of the Dominican Republic

Despite the hot tropical climate of this wonderful country, here you can see the familiar to our understanding of the seasons. Do not be surprised! The Dominican Republic has four seasons too!

There is a springtime from about mid-March to the end of May. This is the time of the flowering of the flamboyans, which with their red luxurious hats scarlet everywhere in the sky blue. The air is fresh, and when you go out early in the morning, you feel a pleasant spring chill. The ocean water is already warm enough for swimming, but not yet steamy milk.

Dominican summer is a paradise for those who are really getting warm, for whom the sun should be scorching, creating a touch of cocoa on the skin, for whom the water temperature is warm only when you go into the water calmly, without the words “Brrr” and you sink into the embrace of the ocean, which immediately envelops with its numbness. The Dominican summer lasts conditionally from May to August. This is a favorite time of year for residents of Siberia and the Far East.

Beginning in August, the amount of precipitation gradually increases and may reach its peak by mid-October. Don’t worry if it rains for days and weeks, although this is not uncommon. The tropical downpours come mostly at night and stop around 8am. What a blessing to bathe in a warm tropical downpour! When every cell is alive and happy!

Fall in the Dominican Republic is a great time to go on a safari exploring the Dominican countryside or take a walk through the streets of Santo Domingo in the absence of the sweltering heat. And you can also have an unforgettable date with the Caribbean Sea, leaving the raging Atlantic behind for a while. And if you are a romantic dreamer, the most enjoyable moment is reading your favorite book in the hotel lobby with a cup of coffee and the sound of rain!

“Winter” in the Dominican Republic, like ours, comes in December and lasts almost until mid-March. This is the happiest “winter”! The air becomes drier and the average temperature ranges from 23 to 25 degrees. The early morning ocean water is invigorating, and in the evenings the cool ocean breeze will almost always remind you to grab a light jacket or stoles.

From mid-January humpback whales arrive in Saman Bay and this is a unique time to head out into the open ocean to watch them!

Going to the Dominican Republic, you should know not to watch the forecast, they rarely come true here! And secondly: no matter what time of year you fly into the country, you’ll always be warmed by the smiles of the locals to the fiery rhythms of salsa and bachata. And you’re guaranteed a wonderful mood in any weather!

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