What clothing brands celebrities wear?

The clothing brands that celebrities wear. Whenever there is a premiere show, award ceremony, or every other red carpet event, the first thing everyone notices is the looks. They are getting more and more glamorous and sophisticated with each passing year, and celebrities understand how to dress them. But which designer labels are most often seen? What brands do the bulk of celebrities wear?

These questions arise in the minds of many, in consequence, we have collected an absolute list of designer celebrities, designer brands, and clothing stores, in which they make purchases. But the bulk of them are considered to be cool designer brands, we have also selected some of the more inexpensive clothing stores that are often chosen by celebrities.

What brands of clothing do celebrities wear?


For starters, we wanted to plug in a brand that we can all just allow for ourselves. Mango is a brand of edgy fashion that celebrities and also fashion influencers adore, especially when it comes to street style. Bella Hadid wears Mango.

Alexander McQueen

Perfectly familiar with his title, English enfant terrible, Alexander McQueen’s designs have been judiciously deified with the support of his longtime friend Sarah Burton since his sad demise. McQueen’s menswear is saturated in the manner of Savile Row, but with a significant shadow, black, marked by the firm’s skull embellishment. Join here for a flawless suit, cool leather athletic slippers, and extraordinary jewelry. Zane Malik is dressed in suits by Alexander McQueen.


As a true Parisian dweller, Givenchy has been a popular top since the 1950s. And in real-time is still working with Riccardo Tichine, the designer. Incorporating a dark romanticism with street slang, Givenchy still prevailed among celebrities like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. Join here for print t-shirts, delicate pinstripe suits, and hoodies.

Jay-Z at Givenchy

Tom Ford

The label, based in 2005 by Tom Ford. To this day, the artist produces lady’s and men’s collections and parts of cosmetics, perfumes, and sunglasses. In 1990, the 29-year-old Tom Ford, who has a degree in design from Parsons Fresh High School, an internship in public relations at the Chloe brand, and a two-year stint at the Perry Ellis brand, was appointed key designer for the ladies’ section of the Gucci home. He later became responsible for the brand’s men’s line and shoe collections. Tom Ford is Markus Wischenbart’s favorite designer.

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang is a simple classic. The Austrian designer’s name collections show a unique range of muted colors in soft forms, at times topped with barely-there pieces. Few of the minimalists among us turn to Helmut Lang for anti-embellishment pieces and flowing lines with a supply of quality cooked soils. Michelle Bublé prefers Helmut Lang


Brioni’s Roman royal administration proved to be one of the world’s best luxury shortcuts. Based in 1945, it is popular as a delightful yacht of outerwear and tailoring, the Brioni-Esque accessories circuit is not to be missed, from purses to handbags, belts, and clogs. Going by the cool-man van, casual staples, these as suede bombshells, are still considered key merchants these days because all Brioni creation still happens at home. Molto Bene. Leonardo DiCaprio loves to go out in the suits by Brioni.

Calvin Klein

Being more than elementarily the coolest brand, Calvin Klein is now headed by Raf Simons, unabashedly saying all South American clothing is about to come into fashion. CK is popular as a traditional menswear brand. While CK knitwear is considered traditional, this particular suit is never bound to be overlooked. Just like the old-fashioned, clean-cut denim jeans. Troy Sivan says, that wearing Calvin Klein makes him feel “sexy”.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Where it’s all about suits, Ermenegildo Zegna founded a generation’s brand in 1910, and he subsequently moved on to transforming the fabric manufacturer into a ready-to-wear suit and tailoring the garment. Zegna is a cutting-edge track for materials that give suits to work, covering ordinary tees and knitwear, and works in commercials. Their leather goods are also recklessly in demand. Chris Pine was seen wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

Maison Margiela

From shoes to shirts, to tailoring to jackets, join Maison Margiela for traditional masculine style, but reworked in a modern and masculine way. At first, under the direction of Belgian Martin Margiela, John Galliano is waving the banner of Maison Margiela these days, transforming it from a cultural Parisian dwelling to one that is wet and sharp.

Saint Laurent

The impeccable title was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1961 but has retained its manner and inherent French sneer. Almost all Parisians, Saint Laurent prepares a reprimand on tailoring, fitted skinny denim jeans, and incubating leather jackets, you will at the time when you rock Saint Laurent jeans, a jacket, or a Chelsea shoe, being a rock star. Adherents of this brand are many of the substitutes, in particular David Beckham.

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