What time to rest in the Dominican Republic?

When best to relax in the Dominican Republic at what time of year and where. Reviews, Photos

Dominican Republic or Dominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the island of Haiti, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This island state has always attracted many tourists from around the world with its paradise beaches with white sand and clear waters, over which bend sprawling palm trees. But recreation here is a delicate matter, because because of the climatic characteristics of the island there are often rainy seasons. So when it’s better to relax in the Dominican Republic and at what time of year, as well as where – let’s deal!

Tourist season in the Dominican Republic lasts almost all year round. Because of the humid subtropical climate the heat is much easier to bear, and even in winter the temperature does not drop below +25 ° C!

The rainy season is usually between May and September. Sometimes the rains may begin earlier – from the middle, or even the first days of April. But such rains up to June have short-term character, and practically do not disturb holiday-makers, because temperature of air from them does not fall on degree and keeps on mark in +30°С, but after rains unconditionally breathe much easier.

But from June begins the real “wet days”. The duration of rainfall in these months increases, and it can spoil the rest imprisonment in the hotel room or bungalow. Although the temperature of air and water also keeps at high marks, the beach holiday is worth forgetting. There is no time to sunbathe on the beach. And on excursions hardly want to go, drenched to the thread from head to foot!

And from August to November is worth beware of tropical monsoons, which are characteristic of the Dominican Republic at this time of year. Strong gusts of wind, almost hurricanes – are dangerous for vacationers! So do not take chances and go on vacation in these months in the Dominican Republic.
But “winter” and “spring” months, according to observations of many tourists – the best for recreation in this beautiful island state!

In December the rainy season ends and begins “dry” season. At this time you can relax, sunbathe and swim on any coast of the country. True, it does rain sometimes, but it’s pretty rare.

Spa season with the largest influx of tourists is in the period from December to April.
Resorts such as Punta Cana, Playa Dorada, Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Sosua, and many others can offer you a variety of entertainment, beautiful beaches and unforgettable trips to unspoiled nature!

Do you want solitude? Head to the cozy lagoon Boca Chica, which is separated from the outside world by the most beautiful coral reef, or to the secluded corners of Samana with picturesque landscapes of unspoiled nature!
Cabarete is perfect for fans of extreme sports, such as surfing on high waves, which are just available at this resort in full!

For fun, dating and clubbing, Sosua awaits, and Playa Dorada will delight you with all-inclusive hotels, stores and restaurants where you can try interesting food!
And if you want to visit the mountains and waterfalls in the center of the Dominican Republic, the winter months are just right for this purpose! But you’ll need to take some warm clothes with you because at this time it is rather cold in the central parts of the country – only +15° C warm, but that doesn’t spoil the breathtaking experience!

The spring months are the peak activity in the Dominican Republic. And closer to the rainy season is better to rest on the south coast of the country, where the weather is still relatively stable. But remember that there is never a hundred percent guarantee. Therefore, before visiting this wonderful country check the weather map and take with you an umbrella. Just in case…
Have a nice time!

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