What You Should Know About Colonial Zone?

Where is the Сolonial Zone and what is it famous for?

Zona Colonial is a tiny town located in Santo Domingo. 

It is the Americas’ oldest continuously populated European-founded settlement.

What are the main attractions of the colonial zone?

The city is also known as the “City Of Firsts.”There are located the of the “New World’s” first church, convent, sewage system, university, customs house, and hospital. You also can discover the 11 blocks of historical and fun-filled streets that make up this walled community, which is home to the New World’s oldest permanent settlement. Zona Colonial has about

300 historical artifacts, including landmarks, houses, highways, and churches.UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site.

Which street was built first in the Colonial Zone?

Calle Las Damas (Women’s Street) and Calle Conde are the two oldest and most popular streets in the Colonial Zone. After church, high society women strolled down Calle Las Damas on their way to lunch.

Modern life in Colonial City

The town effectively combines the old and the modern. There is a diverse range of restaurants that cater to a wide range of culinary types. For both young and old, there are bars and clubs. You can find there are numerous parks and plazas if you can unwind and enjoy the gentle Caribbean breeze.

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