When is it cheaper to vacation in the Dominican Republic?

Tell me in what months it is better to rest in the Dominican Republic to be cheaper.

The price of holidays in the Dominican Republic is not very dependent on the time of year, because the destination is year-round. I was able to relax in a good hotel 4 *, in an elegant room, “all inclusive” for 12 days for $ 1000, I believe that this is not expensive. I flew with the company “Biblio-Globus”, at a special offer (not burning, I bought several months in advance), with the airline “Transaero”, they have a much cheaper flight than “Aeroflot”. You can try and last minute package, if you’re not more than 1-2 people, also will be profitable.

Dominican Republic is not the kind of country that the cost of recreation depending on the season. Prices are always the same, even in summer when it is very hot. But the other thing is last minute tours, when you can find packages at very low prices. I went to the Dominican Republic spontaneously in February and the trip was cheaper by $ 500 than were the same, but a couple of days later. So you have to watch out for hot deals.

We flew in January 2014 and there were no rains and no winds, the water temperature is always higher by one degree than the air 27-28, if someone is cold, as Oleg wrote, I do not know how it is hot for him!

Dominican Republic-a paradise place. Locals consider their country the best in the world. One reason is that the weather is good at any time of year. Therefore, depending on the season there is no price dependence. The country itself is not expensive. Americans often come here for a weekend vacation throughout the year. The high cost of recreation here is connected primarily with the fact that a very, very expensive flight from Russia. So if you want to save money, keep an eye on airfare deals.

Prices for tours in the Dominican Republic do not vary greatly depending on the time of year. It is believed that you can rest comfortably there all year round. I advise to constantly monitor the Internet to look for specials and promotions. Sometimes it is advantageous to buy a tour on the early booking campaign. In this case you can book in advance came across the hotel at a reasonable price. Some tour operators have very good prices for last minute tours (in some cases they are even cheaper than the early booking price), but then it is doubtful that there will be on sale the hotel that you liked, and you need some freedom to maneuver (not all employers are willing to issue their employees vacation from the next day). Therefore, vacation time in the Dominican Republic, you can choose, particularly not tied to the time of year, strong differences in the price of tours in July or November you will not notice. Another thing is that it is better to determine in advance the time of vacation and the hotel and start looking for bargains. From myself I would advise to look at the tour operator “Southern Cross”, he can have a very good price for this destination.

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