When is the best time to go to the Dominican Republic?

When is the best time to vacation in the Dominican Republic? What can I say. Holidays in the Dominican Republic can be called a vacation in paradise. High season in the Dominican Republic begins when the native latitudes come in massively cold, wind, snow and subzero temperatures. It lasts from November to April. During these months, daytime temperatures are about +27ºC and nighttime temperatures are around +23ºC.

The water temperature during this time is usually +26ºC. The coldest time in the Dominican Republic is in January. During this period, the air can warm up to only +24 º C. Which, we understand, is not a bad thing.

From May to October summer reigns here. This is when the infamous tropical rains and even typhoons happen. The temperature does not drop, in fact, it rises to +31 º C.

And although it is warm here, we can talk about the low season in the Dominican Republic. Few people want to get caught in a storm, get soaked in a tropical downpour, or swim in a real storm. Although some people are not afraid of it, of course.

In general, the climate in the Dominican Republic is very comfortable, mild and comfortable. Waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean is always warm and friendly and can not only swim in them or sunbathe on the sandy beaches, but also to do water sports.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in winter

Weather in the Dominican Republic in the winter is dry and cool. There is almost no rain, the sea is calm, many confidently swim in the warm water. Even at this time admire the whales that come to the shores of the island. You can visit any of the cities in the country, from Santa Domingo, to all sorts of resorts like Boca Chica and Cabarete. This is a good time to tour the island, conquer the mountains in the heart of the country and have numerous adventures in the cities and nature reserves. Rio San Juan is particularly cool in winter, so if you’re wary of the drastic change in climate coming from the middle latitudes and cold winters, this is the place for you.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in spring

Spring on the island of Haiti is quite welcoming. The first noticeable rains come towards the end of the season, in May. So in March and April you can safely sunbathe and swim. The weather in the Dominican Republic in the spring is warm. In Azua and Santo Domingo, for example, there is almost no rain during the season. By the way, somewhere in early spring there may be carnivals. And Samaná and Las Terrenas are good all year round. By mid-spring, there is a slight decline in tourists as it gets too hot for many. But if that doesn’t scare you, spring is the perfect time to travel.

Summer vacations in the Dominican Republic

To fly to the Dominican Republic in the summer is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease and other serious health problems. It is very humid and it rains. The weather in the Dominican Republic in the summer will please those who prefer a hot climate, so it is a matter of personal choice. Toward the end of the season, there are noticeable storms and tropical downpours. Monte Cristo and Barahona have the least rainfall. So there’s plenty to do and go during that time, too. And choose the south coast with its resort areas, or small lagoons in the Samaná peninsula, there is less risk of getting a really scary typhoon.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in the fall

By mid-autumn we can talk about the beginning of the high season. By October the rainfall is much less, you can swim without problems, as the storm subsides. Weather in the Dominican Republic in the fall is traditionally warm and comfortable. There is no summer heat or winter chill. Almost perfect, if you think about it that way. San Juan, Monte Cristi, Saona Island and other attractions in the country are open and especially good at this time.

Choose the right month and read when it’s best to go to the Dominican Republic, what the temperatures are and which cities are the most interesting. In any case, we’ll tell you when it’s cheaper to fly to the Dominican Republic.

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