When is the best time to rest in the Dominican Republic?

Since the Dominican Republic every year is becoming more and more popular among Russian tourists, it is natural that those wishing to visit this country are interested to know at what time it is best to rest in the Dominican Republic? Discounted tours to the Dominican Republic, this is what you need for a good rest. Of course, different people may have different goals, and this can make serious adjustments, but there are common factors that every tourist should consider.

Climate in the Dominican Republic.

A feature of the local geography is that there are virtually no seasonal changes in the weather. Since the temperature is very comfortable, beach holidays in the Dominican Republic can be indulged all year round. The temperature most of the time kept in the range from +28 to +32 ° C, and water temperature even in January does not fall below +25 ° C, and often 30 degrees. Meanwhile, some weather changes are still observed, so the year is conditionally divided into two seasons.

Tourist seasons in the Dominican Republic

Velvet season

It lasts from April to November, and it is on it accounts for the maximum number of visitors to this country. There are enough reasons for this:

  • Steady, quiet, warm and windless weather;
  • lack of showers;
  • warm, calm sea.

The air temperature during this time is usually +28-+30 ° C and the water is only a couple of degrees cooler than air. In addition, in February and March in coastal waters you can see the mating games of whales. Sea giants swim so close to shore that people from all over the world come to watch this miracle. During this period there are many festivals, carnivals and other celebrations.

Low season in the Dominican Republic

Starts in April and ends around October. Although the air and water temperatures change only slightly, the winds increase noticeably and the amount of rainfall increases. Bali is no less attractive in terms of recreation As a result – heavy rains, storms and even hurricanes. The advantage of low season is that the cost of recreation in the Dominican Republic is falling significantly.

Many tourists point out that at this time of rest here is not worse than in the Indian summer, just need to watch the weather forecast and make conclusions. For example, showers occur mostly at night, and in the morning and in the morning held a sunny weather.

Typhoons in the Dominican Republic

Theoretically, the likelihood of storms increases as early as August. Meteorological observations are monitored very carefully, so almost every hotel and resort area warns visitors of possible impending bad weather. Safety is treated with great care, so accidents almost never happen.

In addition, all local hotels are equipped with the best equipment, which makes living in hotels in the Dominican Republic is absolutely safe. In conclusion it is worth noting that the best place to stay in the Dominican Republic is the resort of Punta Cana, where the weather even during storms is much calmer than in the rest of the state.

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