When is the best time to rest in the Dominican Republic?

When is the best time to relax in the Dominican Republic?

Hello all! Continuing the theme of the Dominican Republic. So, what time is best for a holiday in the Dominican Republic? In order to answer this question you need to decide what are your goals. Do you want to get a “full-on” vacation, or are you looking for good value for money?

As in many tropical countries, the Dominican Republic has no usual seasons. The year is divided into seasons: rainy season, hurricane season and “touristy” or so-called beach season.

Hurricane season

Hurricane season lasts from August to November. Although the weather may well be calm during these months, the season is the most unpopular period for a tourist vacation. Severe storms are quite rare, but if you do decide to go during this period, I recommend finding out the exact weather forecast for your stay.

Tourist season

The most popular season for holidays here are the months from December to April. This is the most popular tourist season, in which the country can offer all the charms of a tourist holiday: gentle sea, gentle sun, blooming nature, many different excursions and entertainment programs. At this time you will find the weather stable, the air temperature hardly rises above 30 degrees, at night it can sometimes get cold up to 20, the water temperature stays at around 26-27 degrees.

During this period there are many events such as: Dominican Independence Day (February 27), Carnival in Santa Domingo, which falls on Independence Day and will last about a week, the humpback whale season (from mid-January to mid-March).

The rainy season

Lasting from May to July, is still called the summer season and has its advantages over the tourist season. First of all, it is worth noting that the division into seasons is very, very relative, and there is no incessant rain in this season, as many might think. Yes, the rains can be heavy, but at the same time they are short-lived. Bathing can be problematic because of minor flooding. However, if you approach the issue of rest wisely and care about the weather forecast for the coming decade, it is possible to find the right time and “catch” the good weather.

Also during this period there are a lot of discounts and last minute trips, cheap airline tickets, which will allow you to save a lot of money. Of the activities that occur during this period, comes to mind immediately a festival of Caribbean dance “Merengue,” taking place at the end of the season in July. This is a time that avid club-goers and lovers of dancing will really enjoy.

If you manage to find the right time to vacation in the summer season, the reward is a very good holiday at a nice price

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