When is the best time to rest in the Dominican Republic?

When best to vacation in the Dominican Republic?

It’s all about the peculiarities of the prevailing here humid tropical climate, which conventionally divides the season of the Dominican Republic into “dry” and “wet” with the characteristic hurricanes originating in the Caribbean Sea. So, the rainy season here lasts from May to September. They are quite frequent, but short-lived.
The summer months on the Caribbean island are the low tourist season, accompanied by torrential rains

And afterwards, the sun always shines brightly, which keeps the air temperature up to 31°C. But the water in the ocean and the sea is not at all comfortable for swimming – 29°C – 31°C. In addition, typhoons, which reach their apogee near the U.S. coast, make it completely impossible to rest on the beach.
The aftermath of a tropical storm in a village in the Dominican Republic

The water temperature is quite ideal for swimming – +25-27°C. And the air temperature stays at 27°C-29°C. A real fairy tale!
Both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are very warm in winter.

The capital of Santo Domingo is marked by summer Carnival on Restoration Day (August) and winter Carnival (late February) which always involves dressing up in fancy dress and frightening papier-mache devil masks. Pretty girls cheerfully and unpretentiously display their breasts in exchange for beads and bracelets. This custom was established a long time ago and is still in force today.
First Day of Winter Carnival in Santo Domingo

The carnival image of the Dominicans

One of the most important holidays of the state is considered to be Independence Daywhich falls on February 27th.
Announcement of the concert in honor of Independence Day of the Dominican Republic.

Grand opening of the holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Thousands of spectators gather for a military parade in the Dominican Republic.

It is celebrated with a pompous military parade involving Simorons attack helicopters.
The Simoron combat helicopter show is a stunning aerobatics of the sky

Festival searing Caribbean dance “Merengue.” – A very large-scale and significant event at the end of July, which attracts millions of fans from all over the world.
The Merengue Festival in the Dominican Republic is a tremendous show!

Humpback Whale Season.

The period from late December to early January marks the humpback whale watching season on the Samaná Peninsula. The mating games of the mammals are an impressive spectacle!
Humpback whale watching is the most popular tour in the Dominican Republic.

The majestic beauties have an impressive fin on their back that looks like a humpback.

This is when the whales begin their mating season.

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