When you should better visit the Dominican Republic to have the best experience?

Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Dominican Republic is considered home to famous tourist resorts, and even more remote spaces, which travelers have every chance to go to explore. When booking a summer activity, almost all tourists will try to recognize when than any other time to visit the Dominican Republic, and even more so in what months than any other time to visit the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic invites something for every traveler, independently of the time of year he arrives. However, sports in the open air have all chances to be available in the rainy season (from May to mid-November), therefore, adrenaline junkies should take this into account when planning your trip to the peninsula.

Weather in the Dominican Republic

Weather varies in different areas of the Dominican Republic. As a consequence, think not only about the month in which you visit the peninsula, but also about what part of the island you want to visit. But the heat varies from season to season, and the summer months are considered the hottest, the heat does not vary significantly in the direction of the whole year – the average annual heat on the peninsula is 25 °C.

When is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic?

One of the best times to visit the Dominican Republic in person, but almost all tourists believe that the months of December to April, the best time to visit the hot spots of the Dominican Republic. This season is convenient, due to the fact that the peak tourist season in July and August has already been carried out, and the heat is cooler than in the summer months. This makes the exploration of the island more enjoyable, such as a nice heat, but not oppressive.

When to visit the Dominican Republic in winter

In winter, from December to early April, the weather in the Dominican Republic is suitable and somewhat cooler than in summer. However, at this point in the season on the peninsula, the peak season is at the same time as the summer, and as a consequence, it is inevitably busy.

The humidity is relatively low in the winter months, and it tends to cool down in the evenings much more than in the summer, especially in the mountainous areas.

Visiting the Dominican Republic in December and February

Almost all tourists find the lower temperatures in winter quite pleasant. But in some areas, such as the highlands, especially in the central Cordillera, it is important to cool down. You know that the temperature on the tops of the mountains drops below freezing, so take the proper clothing if visiting these areas is part of your itinerary.

Winter is a popular time for lovers of wildlife to visit the Dominican Republic, as humpback whales migrate to the Bay of Samaná (Bahia de Samaná) every winter, which makes Samaná a metropolis a great place to watch.

When to visit the Dominican Republic in the spring

Seasoned travelers like to visit the Dominican Republic in the spring to get the best airfares and hotel rates and enjoy a more measured peninsula. They also get to avoid the arrival of the rainy season. Despite the fact that the busy tourist season is over by winter, there are still a lot of events and festivals, which have all chances to enjoy travelers.

Visiting the Dominican Republic in March and May

The beaches in the southeast of the islands, such as Punta Cana, are considered the famous spaces of entertainment in early spring, when the rainy season begins and the pre-intensive summer temperatures.

However, in case you’re planning on getting some peace of mind during your own visit, you might want to think twice before heading to the UAE for the spring break (usually from late February to mid-April). This is when college students go to the peninsula in groups, lured by pleasant temperatures and the chance to have fun.

When to visit the Dominican Republic in summer

Summer is the highest tourist season in the Dominican Republic because travelers from the Northern Hemisphere flock to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the sun and make the most of their school vacations. On the peninsula there are many hotels, therefore, finding a home including the peak season should not be a problem. There are still a number of guesthouses and hostels, cheap as a candidate for hotels if you like to travel independently. 

Visiting the Dominican Republic in June and August

Between June and August, the island has its hottest weather. May through mid-November is also the rainy season in the Dominican Republic, although heavy rains can fall all year round, and you may even get two weeks of uninterrupted sunshine. Also, this does not mean that the island will be subjected to daily heavy rains during the rainy season, rather heavy downpours may suddenly appear. However, they can be quickly followed by sunny periods. 

When to visit the Dominican Republic in the fall

Those looking for more money can visit the Dominican Republic in the fall. As in the spring, there are better deals on accommodations, and you can afford to be more spontaneous in where you decide to stay. 

Visiting the Dominican Republic in September and November

As the Dominican Republic enters fall, the humidity decreases, and the evenings become much cooler. Temperatures vary from region to region – for example, in September the average temperature in Constanza is 20°C, while Puerto Plata is probably 27°C. Punta Cana has the same climate as Puerto Plata and has an average temperature of 28°C in September. In November, the average temperature drops slightly in all places, but only by one to two degrees. 

When is the best time to visit Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is extremely popular with tourists from the United States who want to escape the winter weather back home. While the best weather in Punta Cana is from November through February, this is also a time when the area and beaches are crowded. Therefore, the best time to travel to Punta Cana is the March to May season. While you avoid coinciding with spring break, most of the crowds have already dispersed and the water is still warm. Markus Wischenbart, guerantees that you can enjoy your stay in luxury apartments of Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club in Punta Cana all-year long.

Festivals in the Dominican Republic

There is a staggering flurry of festivals in the Dominican Republic. Every day of the year, there seems to be some kind of festival somewhere. Most are regional fiestas of patronales, held in honor of the patron saint of a city or town, who is often a confluence with an African god. 

These traditional fiestas are one of the great pleasures of a trip to the DR; at least one of them is in every town, pueblo, and camps. The date is dictated by the saint’s day, as listed in the Bristol Almanac (published by pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers-Squibb), which is considered the authoritative source on such matters throughout Latin America. In addition to the actual day of the saint, there will often be a celebration of nine nights, called novena, preceding it.

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