Where should I go on vacation in the Dominican Republic?

Tell us about holidays in the Dominican Republic, why is it so popular? Where best to relax?

The Dominican Republic is really popular with tourists from all over the world, people go here because of the beautiful climate, beautiful beaches with clear water and white sand, also people are attracted by the numerous activities such as diving and windsurfing, European service in hotels also deserves attention of tourists. In this area you can admire beautiful landscapes, rare species of animals and unusual plants, you can swim in the sea and see many interesting things: fish, mollusks, numerous sea plants and algae, corals.

The most popular resort in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana, known for its mild climate, beautiful beaches, clear water and numerous attractions. In this place you definitely will not be bored, because every day you can find something new and interesting, which is why this resort is so popular with Russian tourists.

As an excursion in the Republic you can visit the Bay of Samaná, where you can watch the humpback whales. This spectacle is truly magnificent, because you can watch in close proximity a passing flock of these huge animals, and take memorable photos.

I liked it best in Punta Cana. It has very clean white sand and very wide beaches with palm trees. Punta Cana has great high class hotels and all inclusive. Also there is a very well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment and excursions.

The best time to go to the Dominican Republic in August, this month is a good weather, daytime temperatures range from 25 to 32 degrees, the rainy season here lasts from May to September, but in August the rains are rare. It is better to choose a hotel close to the sea, so as not to waste extra time, which will be useful for visiting excursions and attractions. The main attractions include (this is what we saw ourselves) La Fortaleza Fortress, the Captain’s Palace, the Sun Clock (Calle das Damas Street), the Faro-o-Colón lighthouse – the symbol of the city.

I liked Punta Cana, it’s the Atlantic Ocean coast. If you want to swim in the Caribbean Sea – choose the resorts of Boca Chica or Juan Dolio. In the Dominican Republic, the weather is fine all year round, fine white sand, excellent All inclusive, high-level hotels, good service. There is everything you need to have a great vacation. But personally for me all is crossed out by 2 lacks: 12 hour flight, time difference with Moscow 8 hours, it is heavy to reconstruct.

It depends on what kind of vacation you would prefer. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, then you have to choose a small resort in the Dominican Republic, such as Juan Dolio. It is a small fishing village in a beautiful natural environment. It has a great beach and good restaurants. And if you want to spend your vacation actively, you can go to Santo Domingo, where there are many discos and stores. In general, all resorts in the Dominican Republic are comfortable and popular with tourists.

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