Where to rest in the Dominican Republic: an overview of beautiful places

Where to rest in the Dominican Republic

First of all, before choosing the best place to rest in the Dominican Republic, you need to know where it is on the world map. If you’re tired of the usual resorts close to home and you want a real tropical paradise, then one of the best options would be this Caribbean tale, although there are also Cuba, Jamaica, etc.

Next comes the choice of the resort itself. This question is quite ambiguous, since the whole Dominican Republic is beautiful and dotted with coconut palms and white sand. И The best place to stay depends, above all, on the preferences, and what you’re going to do. To do this you need to consider all the advantages of different resorts and choose what you like the most. However, if you plan to travel on your own, then you will not be tied to one place, and you will be able to visit the whole country. But we will still describe the differences of holidays in different regions of the Dominican Republic.

And what is the best place to choose? This, for example, one of the beaches of Punta Cana

It is no secret that the most popular place is the resort of Punta Cana, and many believe that it is better to rest here. This place is in the east of the country and most Russian tourists come here. Not surprisingly, because it is a very beautiful place that has a length of beaches of more than 30 kilometers, and they are all dotted with green big palm trees.

Bavaro is the most beautiful resort in the Dominican Republic. What a magical picture opens up here, whether it is a panorama or a shot on the ground

There is also the resort of Bavaro, which is also very good for holidays with children. From Punta Cana almost all kinds of excursions are available, but diving here is not much, or rather there is almost no place for it.

For diving is ideal in the south of the country, which is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, namely resorts such as Juan Dolio, Boca Chica and La Romana.

Beach and lagoon at Boca Chica resort kitesurfing at Juan Dolio

Some resorts are fringed by lagoons with coral reefs. Excursions to the islands are constantly organized from here:

  • Catalina, where ships are sunk for the purpose of diving, and the island is home to many stingrays nearby
  • Saona, which is recognized as a National Reserve and has many species of animals and plants, as well as paradisiacal beaches and incredible palm trees, which is where the advertising and accordingly the name came from Bounty Island.

Plant life and palm trees at the resort of Saona
Looking at such a beach with palm trees it can be called not only the best for recreation in the Dominican Republic, but also in the world.

Also at the resort of Juan Dolio popular kitesurfing, but not as much as in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, which is washed by huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Here is the center surfing, windsurfing center и Kitesurfing of the entire Caribbean. It is located in the resort town of Cabarete, next to the large city of Puerto Plata. Young people come here from all over the world to ride the incredible, rock-like waves.

Photo of a windsurfer riding a wave in Puerto Plata Riding the waves or surfing in Cabarete

To the north is another not insignificant resort on the Samaná Peninsula. It is famous for its humpback whale excursions, which take place from January to March.

Humpback whales on Samaná

Video of whales on Samaná. Not only can you boat around them, but you can also go scuba diving. Underwater is much more extreme and adrenaline:

As for the most elite resort, it is Cap Cana, which Donald Trump himself had a hand in the development. It is an expensive vacation whose hotel complexes have their own golf courses and yacht clubs. If you want to relax in luxury in the Dominican Republic, this is the choice for you.
Beach Resort in Cap Cana

Not to mention the resorts, all over the Dominican Republic are amazing nature, interesting excursions, both water and historical, and valuable shopping. As you can see, there are no bad places in the Dominican Republic, and The best place to stay depends on what kind of vacation you prefer more.

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